Friday 18 July 2014

Problem 7: Write a program that recommends the number of calories a person should eat each day. Calories are units of energy found in all foods. Base your recommendation on the person's weight and whether the person has an active or sedentary(inactive) lifestyle. If the person is sedentary, that person's activity factor is 13. If the person is active, that person's activity factor is 15. Multiply the activity factor by the person's weight to get the recommended number of calories. Start your program by: • having the user enter their weight, as a floating point number; • having the user enter whether they have active or sedentary lifestyle, as a character, 'A' for active or 'S' sedentary; • use a switch (or else if) selection statement to use the appropriate calculation for the recommended calories for the selected lifestyle. • print out your results on the screen.

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