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Ds malik c++ programming Chapter 2-Question-1

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1. Mark the following statements as true or false.
a. An identifier can be any sequence of digits and letters.FALSE
b. In C++, there is no difference between a reserved word and a predefined identifier.FALSE
c. A C++ identifier can start with a digit.FALSE
d. The operands of the modulus operator must be integers.TRUE
e. If a = 4; and b = 3;, then after the statement a = b; the value of b is still 3.TRUE
f. In the statement cin >> y;, y can only be an int or a double variable.FALSE    
g. In an output statement, the newline character may be a part of the string.TRUE
h. The following is a legal C++ program:TRUE
int main()
return 0;
i. In a mixed expression, all the operands are converted to floating-point numbers.FALSE
j. Suppose x = 5. After the statement y = x++; executes, y is 5 and x is 6.TRUE
k. Suppose a = 5. After the statement ++a; executes, the value of a is still 5 because the value of the expression is not saved in another variable.FALSE
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