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Compound Types (C++ Primer Plus Sixth Edition Solution Manual Question # 7)

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Below mention code is compiled in Visual Studio 2015 and Code Blocks 13.12,output snap is attached.. If any problem you feel and you want some explanation feel free to contact us.


/*************C++ Programs And Projects************|

William Wingate runs a pizza-analysis service. For each pizza, he needs to record the following
The name of the pizza company, which can consist of more than one word
The diameter of the pizza
The weight of the pizza
Devise a structure that can hold this information and write a program that uses a structure
variable of that type. The program should ask the user to enter each of the preceding
items of information, and then the program should display that information. Use cin
(or its methods) and cout.

#include <iostream>
#include <string>

using namespace std;

struct sPizza {
       string name;
       double diameter;
       double weight;

int main() {
       sPizza pizza;
       cout << "Enter the pizza company name: ";
       cout << "Enter the diameter of pizza: ";
       cin >> pizza.diameter;
       cout << "Enter the weight of pizza: ";
       cin >> pizza.weight;

       cout << "Pizza Company: " << << endl
              << "Pizza Diameter: " << pizza.diameter << endl
              << "Pizza Weight: " << pizza.weight << endl;

       return 0;


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